I found out about the Cinderella Century through a webpage. None of the pictures or descriptions I had seen prepared me for the reality. As I arrived in Dublin, CA to start the ride I saw swarms of women cyclists. These were no armchair athletes, they were serious hammerheads! Another surprise was that some women had Cinderella-themed costumes. Had I known, I would have surely dressed up.

It's hard to see it in this picture, but every one of these women was wearing fishnets under their cycling shorts. Unfortunately I was not able to frame this picture better. The women had a team photographer who had already held them in this pose for a while and they seemed rarin' to go on the ride, so I snapped a picture as quickly as I could. [Cyclistes in Fishnets]
[Red Slipper Headdresses] I met Chris Knapp and Kathy Greenstein while we were in line for a free last minute fixup from the techs at Trek. They each had red plastic slippers on their helmets.
I caught up with Donna Wilhoyte and Kelly Boggess at the first rest stop (20 mi. mark). It was their first Cinderella Century but they had heard what it was like from friends so they knew to dress up. [Cyclistes in Crowns]
[Cyclistes in Tiaras] Ellen Sampson and Rita Hurault opted for tiaras, beads and crinoline.
That's Bibi on the left and Beany on the right. I caught them at the start of the race. It's hard to see it in this picture, but Beany is wearing an incredible white feather headdress on her helmet. [The Vegas Look ]
[The 3 Graces] I wasn't able to get a word with them since they were hopping on their bikes to go but here are the women with the best coordinated outfits of the ride. They are standing in front of the truck that Trek brought to help out with bike fixing.

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