Members of the L.A. Recumbent Riders readying the showpiece of their DooDah Parade entry - a tribute to the upright "safety" bicycle. [Upright R.I.P.]
[Raines'n'Zed] Raines Cohen of NetProfessional Magazine on his Linear, Zed Lopez of the Bike-Friendly Berkeley Coalition on his new Vision and a bit of my Horizon in view. They're smiling even though we were late to the last Western Wheelers ride and never managed to hook up with anyone else.
My dad on the Rocket that he bid on at PeopleMovers Recumbent Bash. I had to explain the unexpected expense to my Mom. I think he likes riding the Rocket. The only pain has been that the seat doesn't stay in place well. He would like to ability to let other people try the bike but have the setting stay when he's on it. [Dad on his Rocket]
[Back2Back ReTandem] I saw lots of cool bikes gathered for the DooDah parade. Here's a back-to-back tandem that the gentleman standing in front built himself. If you can see just to the right of his fanny pack, he made some very interesting tree-shaped seats.
It's too bad that I'm not much of a photographer. This gentleman had a trés cool setup on his bike. He had a flag holder in front displaying the flags of the U.S., China and Taiwan. You can more easily see the Jolly Roger flying from either side of his seat. [Jolly Roger Long Wheel Base]

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