Scandihoovian Languages

The title comes from a linguistics friend of mine who always referred to the category as 'Scandihoovian'.

When I was staying in Denmark, I was exposed to the inter-Scandinavian rivalries that so entertain me now. I was socialized to believe that Swedes were drunk buffoons who descended on Copenhagen en masse in order to get smashed. I know that when I was taken on the ferry between Helsingør and Helsingborg that I could hardly keep from laughing. I had grown so used to hearing Danish that Swedish sounded strange to me.

When I started Beginning Swedish at UCLA I thought I had an advantage over other students since I was at least familiar with another Scandinavian language. Of course, I spent just as much time learning to pay attention to the differences and trying to learn a Swedish accent. When I began to take both languages, I found myself in the middle of the little intradepartmental rivalries. I still felt that Danish was where my heart was

As I grew sicker and sicker of the cruelty of US society, I began to wonder which country I should emigrate to. As the Eastern Bloc had not collapsed yet, I thought I would like Sweden better because Denmark was in NATO and could still be embroiled in US "police actions". I had also missed California's geography while I was staying on Sjælland. Denmark has no mountains!

It's certainly easier to find people to practice Swedish with than it is to find Danish-speaking people. The Swedes just have a better P.R. machine.

When I first got on the Internet in 1994, I spent time on #sweden on IRC in order to practice Swedish. Nowadays, I participate in Swede-L. It doesn't really take place in Swedish, though. I'm still interested in Swedish and Danish language exchange with people, but they have to be patient with my halting level.

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